Thursday, September 22, 2011


Big day is fast approaching, prep is going well, crashed ultra hard yesterday in the copeland, foot got caught in a loop of a broken tree which I didn`t see until I crawled over to rip it out. Rode out one handed, fell better today.

Also got to hold and touch my Threshold frame, shes a beaut just need to get her built.

Turns out my partner crashed also in Orillia yesterday but got soft and went to the hospital. I opted for east side marios and the film Drive as treatment. Drive was excellent, soundtrack was amazing, everything about the film screamed the 80`s, except for the cars. will easily make the AWI top 5 list for 2011

East side marios caught up with me at 11:30 last night, yeah not pretty and never eating there again. The food is horrible anyway so i figure Im not losing out. Ìt was hard to fall back asleep with my ribs feeling like they were broken from the violent vomiting.

Also heard that many more people would have gone to the hill climb but didn`t know about it. Understandable, it was only advertised on the OCA website, Pedal mag, Canadian Cyclist, Canadian Cycling magazine website. Sent out in the OCA e-mail newsletter,

Tristan says hes good to go, start order and lap order are top secret so don`t even ask. Basically we are going to crush the Wagler team.

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