Sunday, September 18, 2011

just a bike rider

After two days of racing, it was time to just ride, early morning hit the road at 5:30, got to Blue in time to register and not warm-up.

Plan was to head out with the leaders and attack off the back of each group until I met up with Jamie and Orrin. Plan went off without a hitch, went from the lead group of 6 to the 300's. Stopped to help a chap fix a flat outside Creemore, unsuccessfully but i did my good deed for the day, then rode the last 75% ish with Orrin and Jamie. 

Not sure I would ever consider doing it as a "race", A) it would be really freaking hard and B) I think there's enough racing to do through the year, but just to get out and ride 165km on traffic controlled roads, with 4-5 feed zones with super friendly volunteers shoving gels, bottles, bars, bananas in your hands its pretty good livin.

(some) people like to hate on these types of events, but seeing over a 1000 cyclists out riding is pretty awesome and for the sport/pastime/activity of cycling I think that's pretty awesome.

time to crush some sleep,

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