Tuesday, September 20, 2011


just to start things off, please dont read into the "independent" beside my name in results, race reports etc. For some reason whenever I register through the OCA it is permanently set to Independent. I'm still very much a proud member of the Norco Factory team. One of those we can put a man on the moon, but I cant change a field on an online registration form? applies to Jarred and Zach too, whenever Zach does a road race I get asked why Zach isnt racing for Norco anymore, and people think we got in a fight etc etc.


On to the highlight of the year, I'm still in wondering if it really happened. So out for a ride with the usual suspects last night in Midhurst what started as a drizzle was a full blown typhoon by the midway point. Typical Monday. I was told I was "Weak and Lame" so when I was at the front I was doing my best to not get in the way.

So Tristan took over the lead and slowed things down, coming up to a little jump/huck, nothing huge but a fun little trail feature. Start to realize Tristan is braking really hard, then full on brakes, I'm in midair slam into the back of him, asking him whats up, he starts screaming and running away from his bike yelling its on Fire. I thought at first he was going to say there was a Bear or a Cougar on the trail the way he was screaming. 100% Ricky Bobby moment, I know its not as funny reading it, but watching it unfold was a sight.

he or his bike was not on fire, his light was shining off his gold cables and he thought his lights were on fire.

Good ride, I think we are going to crush the 8 hour on Saturday.

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jvk said...

You can easily change the team name on your UCI. You just have to grease a few palms.