Friday, September 30, 2011

Great week on a bicycle

Lots of riding, cross bike, road bike, phazer, i think on every ride i was at one point hot and also at some point rain drenched.

Highlight of the week was discovering the amazing rail trail in through midland past st marie among the hurons and all the way to penetangue. Awesome, this was on a road ride to Awenda, having used this new route I of course got lost and ended up at the prison complex which is basically a maze of separate buildings with no way out. Once i got out of there and realized I went way to far north on the wrong peninsula, my time window was a little short to get to Awenda, so I just looped back through medonte to get to my targeted pedaling time.

Also discovered some newly cut singletrail in the sugar bush area, which i trust was built with all the necessary permits and permissions.....

Tomorrow hotdogs and handlebars at horseshoe resort, gonna be a full day of goodlivin, Norco owners ride FREE, yeah like FREE, and you can try out a nice selection of the 2012 Norco lineup.

Sunday is a bit of a coin toss, looks like some BCC cross race stuff going on,(Oct 23rd be there or I will find you) as well as the hustle, may just shoot over to pass along the jacket..... or this

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