Friday, September 30, 2011

Great week on a bicycle

Lots of riding, cross bike, road bike, phazer, i think on every ride i was at one point hot and also at some point rain drenched.

Highlight of the week was discovering the amazing rail trail in through midland past st marie among the hurons and all the way to penetangue. Awesome, this was on a road ride to Awenda, having used this new route I of course got lost and ended up at the prison complex which is basically a maze of separate buildings with no way out. Once i got out of there and realized I went way to far north on the wrong peninsula, my time window was a little short to get to Awenda, so I just looped back through medonte to get to my targeted pedaling time.

Also discovered some newly cut singletrail in the sugar bush area, which i trust was built with all the necessary permits and permissions.....

Tomorrow hotdogs and handlebars at horseshoe resort, gonna be a full day of goodlivin, Norco owners ride FREE, yeah like FREE, and you can try out a nice selection of the 2012 Norco lineup.

Sunday is a bit of a coin toss, looks like some BCC cross race stuff going on,(Oct 23rd be there or I will find you) as well as the hustle, may just shoot over to pass along the jacket..... or this

Monday, September 26, 2011


And thus concludes the September bike race extravaganza, squeezed in all the events I could but still missed a bunch of wicked races.

Saturday was the big day my first tag team race, and my first pulse racing 8 hour, I hired Tristan who is Ontario's finest tag team specialist, I started things off and we went straight into doubles, Which I liked my second laps always felt better and were faster(minus traffic) Tyson lead off the gun like it was a Ontario cup, I followed for a bit before sitting up and waiting for my teammate Hansel(zach) who was also going straight into a double. Started to real Tyson back in before my chain dropped, and then zach hit a tree... and then hit another tree. Super tight singletrack and wet greasy roots dont give you much room for error.

I will say I put a narrower bar on and it was good livin,

Tristan and I settled into our rhythms, we battled all day with the lapdogs, in the end they beat us with the old single lap strategy.

In conclusion I hate tag teams, I always knew i would, Solo is 10 times easier. You just ride your bike and get off after 8 hours.

Tristan was a great partner, even though he doesn't read this blog anymore.

First aid had a very busy day and unfortunately a man did have an apparent heart attack on course and passed away, despite the staffs best efforts. Thoughts are with his family and friends.

Yesterday was the final interclub, which I was planning on racing but opted for helping out with instead, did some sweeping on the corners, and scored the finish with Robb. Beauty day, safe race, nice way to end the Interclub season.

Coming events, Hotdogs and Handlebars Horseshoe Norco demo, Hillbilly hustle,

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Big day is fast approaching, prep is going well, crashed ultra hard yesterday in the copeland, foot got caught in a loop of a broken tree which I didn`t see until I crawled over to rip it out. Rode out one handed, fell better today.

Also got to hold and touch my Threshold frame, shes a beaut just need to get her built.

Turns out my partner crashed also in Orillia yesterday but got soft and went to the hospital. I opted for east side marios and the film Drive as treatment. Drive was excellent, soundtrack was amazing, everything about the film screamed the 80`s, except for the cars. will easily make the AWI top 5 list for 2011

East side marios caught up with me at 11:30 last night, yeah not pretty and never eating there again. The food is horrible anyway so i figure Im not losing out. Ìt was hard to fall back asleep with my ribs feeling like they were broken from the violent vomiting.

Also heard that many more people would have gone to the hill climb but didn`t know about it. Understandable, it was only advertised on the OCA website, Pedal mag, Canadian Cyclist, Canadian Cycling magazine website. Sent out in the OCA e-mail newsletter,

Tristan says hes good to go, start order and lap order are top secret so don`t even ask. Basically we are going to crush the Wagler team.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


just to start things off, please dont read into the "independent" beside my name in results, race reports etc. For some reason whenever I register through the OCA it is permanently set to Independent. I'm still very much a proud member of the Norco Factory team. One of those we can put a man on the moon, but I cant change a field on an online registration form? applies to Jarred and Zach too, whenever Zach does a road race I get asked why Zach isnt racing for Norco anymore, and people think we got in a fight etc etc.

On to the highlight of the year, I'm still in wondering if it really happened. So out for a ride with the usual suspects last night in Midhurst what started as a drizzle was a full blown typhoon by the midway point. Typical Monday. I was told I was "Weak and Lame" so when I was at the front I was doing my best to not get in the way.

So Tristan took over the lead and slowed things down, coming up to a little jump/huck, nothing huge but a fun little trail feature. Start to realize Tristan is braking really hard, then full on brakes, I'm in midair slam into the back of him, asking him whats up, he starts screaming and running away from his bike yelling its on Fire. I thought at first he was going to say there was a Bear or a Cougar on the trail the way he was screaming. 100% Ricky Bobby moment, I know its not as funny reading it, but watching it unfold was a sight.

he or his bike was not on fire, his light was shining off his gold cables and he thought his lights were on fire.

Good ride, I think we are going to crush the 8 hour on Saturday.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

just a bike rider

After two days of racing, it was time to just ride, early morning hit the road at 5:30, got to Blue in time to register and not warm-up.

Plan was to head out with the leaders and attack off the back of each group until I met up with Jamie and Orrin. Plan went off without a hitch, went from the lead group of 6 to the 300's. Stopped to help a chap fix a flat outside Creemore, unsuccessfully but i did my good deed for the day, then rode the last 75% ish with Orrin and Jamie. 

Not sure I would ever consider doing it as a "race", A) it would be really freaking hard and B) I think there's enough racing to do through the year, but just to get out and ride 165km on traffic controlled roads, with 4-5 feed zones with super friendly volunteers shoving gels, bottles, bars, bananas in your hands its pretty good livin.

(some) people like to hate on these types of events, but seeing over a 1000 cyclists out riding is pretty awesome and for the sport/pastime/activity of cycling I think that's pretty awesome.

time to crush some sleep,

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Silly Niagara escarpment

Another successful day at Blue Mtn, crazy day, started with a pre race meeting and some interviews for the TSN show, got a run down of how the race was going to work.

I was seeded in the first heat to go up the hill at 2:00pm, Neutral rollout was good, after the flag waved it was the exact opposite of Nascar,(or any typical race of any sort) pretty sure we were braking going uphill trying to jockey for position with no one really wanting to lead or pick the pace up too early.

On the inside of the right sweeper I used the paved shoulder and a driveway to get unboxed and try to break things up a bit. After a few re-groupings and surges it was Brandon Etzl and myself off the front. With a three chasers behind, only needed to be in the top for to advance so we just made sure to stay ahead of the charging riders sprinting for 4th. Good effort felt better than the day before.

Watched the second heat come up, Adam Jamieson scored a second in that heat, Horseshoe valley represent,

Headed back down and got regrouped for the finals, Start was pretty similar nobody really wanted to lead, by the first right hander on the hill we were basically four wide. Waited a little bit longer but then put down an effort which again had Etzl and myself seperated from the group. Brandon quickly counterattacked me, and put me in the hurt locker, he just kept standing and standing and standing, I just sat and tried to limit my distance lost to him. When I could see the final bend and the crowd I clicked down two gears and stood. I was able to reel Brandon back in, and figured it was now or never attacked with a little momentum got a gap cresting the hill and I was able to not pass out before crossing the line/timing mats.

Awards were cool, we made Sam Roberts wait for us to finish before they started, suckers,

Got my second career big novelty cheque, thanks to Timex for putting up the cash and sweet GPS watches, and to Centurion Canada for thinking up a pretty unique event.

Apparently I said if I won, the AWI year end BBQ was on me so guess i need to get that fire pit done.

Also with a little cash I talked myself into registering for the 100 miler tomorrow, early morning but it will be nice to just get out of the car and ride, with zero stress.

song of the day,has nothing to do with today but I like this Sam Roberts song

Friday, September 16, 2011

Quick post

Provincial Hill climb went well nailed down the fastest time, 8.27, from South base lodge to scenic caves parking lot.

Qualified for the vertical challege tommorow at 2, kinda wish i could watch, as its really gonna hurt, but there is a few bucks on the line so i guess thats motivation.

I was impressed with the amount of people on the climb today not sure what it will look like tomorrow,

K, bed,
Getting ready to head up to Provincial Hill climb champs at blue, still no start list posted so with the centurion hill climb Im not sure if im going at 6 or 730, which would a be very cold and b require lights to come back down.

Should be good times,

Good week some nice solo rides, just getting back to basics, rode in the copeland yesterday no signs saying to stay out no big groups causing problems just me cruising around.( long story)

Found out tristan doesnt read this anymore so i can now openely bash him.....but i have nothing to bash so that will need to wait.

Orillia bike fest was fun on wednesday night, set a new record of 5.5 people out wearing the AWI kits, good marketing id say.

Stay excellent

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Find the rhythm

is the goal for the next while now that all the traveling is over. Crazy couple days, TT on thursday was a success had 35 racers out between the 3 clubs, for some reason I was staged 2nd last, which made for a lonely TT as all the guys in front of me were one full tt rigs and looking serious.  Ed Veal caught me at 2.5 minutes in(2 minutes for him) on his way to a 18:57, he must work out.

Good drive with Orrin, Champ tools designer/owner check out these stands awesome stuff. Got to the show at 2 ish in time for me to get down to work, helping with whatever I could to get the Norco booth looking good. Big thanks to Orrin for the ride,

It was really nice to meet some of the Norco Engineers, and western guys, talk to them a lot via e-mail but the face to face time was awesome. Using my superior hand talking skills to express what Id like to see in the bikes was very succesful.

Saturday was fun, signed a few autographs, and chatted bikes for a while before heading to the Airport to head home. Ran into the EMD Serono (Heavy Evy, Conor and Karl) team heading to TO also. Flight was good no delays, landed and was on the road headed home in 10 minutes.

Today was a blast, Highlands Nordic never dissapoints, the course was great, the weather was great, the Phaser was great, the legs were.... um good, actually after two laps they started to come around a bit. But started to cramp a bit near the end. Wasnt the fastest out there but It was really nice to get a nice solid 2 hour race in the books.

Big thanks to Elizabeth Ross for the feeds, they were most excellent feeds.

Looking forward to some road riding and seeing what kind of form I can get heading into the fall cx/mtb/hill climb/endurance racing season.

stay excellent

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some full weekends

Not surprisingly it seems like everything in Ontario cycling is happening in the next few weeks. Sometimes I hear how cycling is dying around here, really? I'm having trouble fitting it all in, seems like there are 4 events a weekend coming up.

Heading to Expocycle tomorrow for the Public day Saturday with Norco Performance bikes, if your attending stop by and see the 2012 lineup.

Interclub TT tonight on Ingram road which should prove to be exciting with 30 second intervals and apparently a ton of guys coming up from Newmarket (we`ll see) 

Another event coming up is on Saturday October 1st at Horseshoe resort, a Norco Riders appreciation event, if you own a Norco you ride free, and also anyone can come and try a 2012 bike. Also heard a rumour a Norco Factory Team rider will be on hand leading some rides into the Copeland.

And some bike racing in between all that. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


lounging it up before my 8th atlantic crossing since April(glad we have planes these days) Which I realize I have never been in the atlantic(probably shouldnt say that before flying) Been in the pacific and Indian Oceans. Need to put that on the bucket list right up there with a 24 solo.

Nothing much to say about the past couple days, rained pretty good on Sunday for the DHers. Spent that day packing very slowly.

Bus ride to Zurich yesterday, an all you can eat pizza and pasta buffet last night which was both awesome and super gross at the same time. Followed by a mcflurry at mcdonalds(it was a monday night) While playing gran tourismo 5 yeah who knew there was a 5,

"excuse me Miss this is a four star hotel can you get off the floor"

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Slippery when wet

Well another worlds in the books, some of it went well, I had a good start considering I was on the back row, found some holes and moved up a bit without to much effort which is always nice. The climb was HARD, not crazy long but it just keeps getting steeper the further you go. Got a solid lap in, made some nice passes on the decent passing some guys who were running.

On the second full lap, heading into the drop following another rider, kinda brake checked me before going off so I had to check up and hit it with a lot less speed than I wanted, Landed flat on some rocks and my rear tire didnt' like that and said no dice. Hit it with the inflator but it was toast, It was a long run/ride into the pit. Follow moto was on my arse, but I just kept standing on the smooth sections and rode, when i hit rooty or rocky stuff I jumped off and crossed it up, which surprisingly wasn't super slow. 

Scott changed my wheel super fast, but he won't take any credit saying "it either goes in or it doesn't its not a sliding scale" but it was quick. The climb was tough, legs were angry after some good running. Thought I would get pulled on that lap but just barely got through.

K, one more, I can hammer that out, didnt' heed the warning from the swiss army dude to slow down going onto the metal bridge and had a nice one as it was starting to rain. Sounds like Burry crashed out there. Pushed through, almost caught a group of about 5 guys on the decent into the 80% but ran out of real estate.

Gonna file this one under educational and move on.

Huge props to Catherine for bringing home the Womens World Championship title. It was definitely nice taking to the start line knowing that.

So thats that, home, montreal, XC provincials, HC Provincials, then the big show 8 hour with T-dog, gonna be a nice September. 

Elbows out,

Still sunny at 1130 this morning but the weather forecast is calling for close to a cm of rain for this afternoon. Could be Nevegal time, any excuse to use that tire is a good one.

Go time is 430, or 10:30 am(home time) No excuses everybody better be huddled around a computer looking at live timing.

I feel like I need to make some bets of sorts with some U-23's they love to gamble.

Big thanks to Scott, Kyle, Justin and Adam our team mechanics for being awesome( I've never seen so many bikes get worked on and look so good after, bike lust? wax? Love?)

Wishing all the women some good luck today, smelling like a possible rainbow jersey, that would be sweet.

So 120minutes of pain on tap,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September planning

With August done its time to move onto Septembers schedule. Working from the last race to the first race seems logical so, just registered for tag team at the fall 8 hour. My first time doing one of these races. And first time doing a tag relay. T-dog is team captain and my riding partner.

The next day im gonna crush the interclub, showing no mercy in the process.  If no-one wants to work I'm just gonna gutter it, Ocup style.

Weekend Prior, Provincial Hill Champs(which I won in 98' NBD) on the Friday night, possibly uphill eliminator Saturday, then again possibly the grand fondo Sunday. All at Blue Mountain

And next weekend will be spent in my favorite city of Montreal for Expocycle.