Monday, August 1, 2011

What this wasnt the actual Olympics?

What a month, looked at the calender today and its finally August, never thought id see the day. Final trip of the year is wrapping up, chillin with young Evan in Battlesbridge about to check out a bit of the olympics venues in the city. 

Race went really well, clean, no crashes or mechanicals. The start was crazy tons of guys sliding out. It was like to trying to start and turn on Ice it felt like. 

First two laps my legs were pretty angry at me, but we were told to just giver and if we got three good laps in good. Passed Nys early on my second lap with a flat, too fast to ask him if he was doing Cross this year. 

Got passed my japenese nemisis who is smaller than me but takes up more trail than anyone i know. And Evan, who i had yet to crush this year. Punk. 

Legs came around and before long I was moving up a couple spots a lap. Started to have a little fun out there to on the course. It was getting pretty "Blown Out" as Kabush would say.....  Big holes were forming and the pebbly rocks started to turn into big rocks littering the course. 

Another thing was the course marking was a little lax, allowing people to ride off course to gain some nice advantage. I think they want to keep the tape to a minimum for the cameras, but pin flags arent great at keeping people on course. 

I finished up strong, on such a short course and Absalon doing 12.5 minute laps i wasnt sure if id get yanked, but i didnt loose 4 minutes on the first lap like world cups so it was all good. 

team did awesome this week, easily the most amount of team training out there. Definetly no I in this team, Catherine crushed it for the win, Amanda rode strong and Evan who did about 18 tempo laps yesterday when i was in the medical tent took one for the team and signed autographs and posed for pictures for the last two laps of the race. 

Big giant thanks to Dan for giving me the oppourtunity to come here to help work towards some medals next year. If we get a medal im taking 3% of the credit. The Staff were amazing Scott Kelly, Mathieu And our COC contact Brian.

Awesome trip, nice way to cap off the international season, now to get home and consult the 8 ball on what races to do the next few months. 

And yes i need to change the title of the blog now.

" That was like a Nascar crash im surprised you didnt burst into flames "

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