Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stupid things that work

I'm talking about the laser I stole from Matt again, its this stupid blinking red light that makes me laugh whenever I consider that it will make me better. But like last year it has seemed to bring me back to the land of riding bikes.

Its like a reverse placebo effect, I don't believe in it, I throw it against the wall before using it, I curse at it, but it still works. I'm glad it works but I hate being wrong.

First ride since Saturday, minus easy spins on the rollers, I headed into the copeland for my 1 hour ish flat loop which Tammy says isnt flat, but its as flat as it gets in there. Good ride, tried the GoPro with the bar mount not bad.

Thats about all I have to report at the moment.

"why is it called the east coast open? we are nowhere near the east coast"

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Matt Spak said...

Ray guns and Phasers.