Saturday, August 27, 2011

Snow eh? *update*

Bags are packed, glad im not trying to fly out of new york. Reading some weather reports via facebook/juniors with wifi, i packed some extra pieces of warm clothes.

Big thanks to Havy for a last minute rebuild of my bike,

I was gonna say something else but now i forget......Now I remember I was going to make a crack about Hopefully Ontario gets to have a referendum regarding HST and the outcome is similiar to BC....but i wont because i dont want to anger any of my liberal freinds.

Oh oh, Chris Del Bosco is on the DH team, crazy, well not that crazy but cool to have a winter olympian on the team.

Also got a PK session on the new serfas light systems which are available now, crazy good value, think ill be buying myself a little post season present.


Stay excellent

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