Friday, August 5, 2011

My knee hurts im grumpy

So Evan was good enough to cut togehter the crash which has pretty much gone viral in cycling world terms.

The part that gets cut out is pretty much this

Other than a knee which seems to be getting more bruised as the days go by, im good.

Got out to the TT last night, and i think I was able to hold Adam off, which is good as I dont like getting beaten by a 14 year old. Need to wait for the official results. Lots of race reports and other comupter/paper work so to speak this week.

Got out with KB to start getting caught up on all the films ive missed this summer. Being a sucker for the mythology of what marvel is creating with its Avenger franchise, hit up Captain America. Great flick, Chris Evans, Stanley Tucci and Tommy Lee Jones kill it.

Took starbuck for a long awaited swimming hole visit, I was tempted to jump in as well but realy the water there looks like it could have monsters in it, im not down with that.

Copeland tomorrow, then hopefully Kelso on sunday if the knee doesnt get to angry.

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