Monday, August 15, 2011

I like to do a little editing on weekends, I recently cut three minutes out of goodfellas.

AKA alpe d'uez of Grey County, actually there are zero switchbacks and its not steep but it sounds epic. One of my favorite road courses.

The weather was a little dicey, but the rain held off and everyone who decided to get out of bed was happy they did. (i think)

There were only two of us who were keen on going in group 5, so we just got melted into group 4, didn't bother me any, with 5 minutes to group three and about 10 in each group, I figured that would be hard enough.

Got rolling, group was rotating nicely together for the first lap, everyone was pulling through and the group was moving pretty good, but maybe not as fast as it should have been on some of the flatter sections. When we got to the bottom of the climb after the first 40km loop, it was clear we hadn't put much time if any into group 3. Hit the climb, we were moving but not at "intercept pace" I went to the front and put down a nice hard tempo. I knew we would lose some guys but figured we needed to get some time into 3 if we were to catch.

Kept it rolling over the top, had 5 left from the original ten, who I think should have been group 5, but thats not my call. We settled into a nice little paceline and set off after the group ahead. Again a little too much coasting down hills and no real "chase" feel going on. Guys started skipping pulls. Managed to reel in what I thought was group 3, turned out to actually be 2. Any chase was pretty much given up at that point. Kinda just rolled the last 20km before the climb. Started to catch some of the riders I knew started in group 3. So it was clear they were putting the hammer down.

Hitting the climb they still had a solid gap, and all the guys who were skipping pulls and not working, started to try and get a chase going and shaking their heads when it didn't. A little late in my books. By the end of the climb a few of us were on the back markers from three but they managed to stay away.

The old s(andbagger) word was getting thrown around and maybe i thought so too. But thinking back, the later groups 4 or 5, just aren't chasing like we should be.

Awesome race, had a blast, thanks to Phil and the eagles for putting it on.

Fun weekend of racing all around. Pretty fried today, and glad I'm not driving to Collingwood for the 4th straight day.

on a possibly related note, my shoulder is sore and I feel like Ive been punched in the face by a tree, maybe that embryo entry crash was harder than I thought.

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