Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gettin crushed

Taking a day off the bike after a couple nights of getting killed on the bike. Tuesday I headed into town for the Sunnidale ride, after telling everyone how big a deal I was now that I won the ECO, everyone decided to turn the screws and put me in my the back of A singled out death line. I was dog tired but managed to hang on and have some fun.

Last night I finally got down to one of Matt P's wednesday night races at King. trails have smoothed out a ton, there is some serious "flow" going on in there. Little did I know Sean Ruppel was going to show up super fit and ready to kill it. He crushed the first lap it was all I could do to hang on, then he kinda faded and we were evenly matched coming down to a sprint finish, Im going to take the high road and not say that he pushed me into the brush to win.

Awesome riding down there, good people, super relaxed atmosphere,only downside really is that its in Toronto,

on tap is a little shakedown ride at the 9 hour, Tristan bailed on me to do a triathlon, so I guess im doing it solo.

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matt p said...

King is more rural then where you used to live in Barrie!!!!