Sunday, August 21, 2011

8 hours of the 9 hour mountainview relay

Sipping some coffee watching the Vuelta not in hd, but i will say it looks sunny and warm in Spain today.....looks like Fugslang is in the leaders jersey, side note I used to crush him at world cups NBD.

First I'd like to say props to all the Canucks for crushing Val di Sole. Especially Kika for another win and the youngins Marc Antoine and Evan for some solid finishes.

Summer seems to be winding down a little here, all those thunderstorms we kept getting promised the past two weeks finally arrived yesterday at around 12:30 in the afternoon. Day started with Matt and I arguing about where the sun will move in the sky and whether or not 1.5 liters of fluid an hour is too much. (i think it is)

Anywho got started, solo field was stacked, Jacob, Matt 24 Solo Ontarios premier endurance racer, &  Lee, it was gonna be a death match. After a few guys missed some turns I was sitting in 2nd overall. And had a little gap on the rest of the solos. It was a lot of fun just riding fast not crazy hope i don`t crash at this speed fast just easy speed.

Got settled into a pace, about 4 or 5 laps came through and Matts bike was on his car. that was fast. For the first few hours I was rocking the full unzipped jersey, so nice, then the clouds started rolling in each lap at the top I could see the sky getting a little darker. About 3 hours in started to rain, no big deal it was super sandy, but it didn`t take long to turn to grease. And then the thunder and lightning came, I was gonna pull over and sit  in my car, but didn`t have to make that call as they closed the course. I love modern day safe races. Not like the 90s where the commissars would tell us to be careful before starting in a lightning storm at chicopee.....

Got changed and washed my bike during the rain delay, Tmas figured it would be an hour. It was tough getting motivated to get back on the bike. So much so i actually missed the restart. Got on my bike, dry shoes and gloves were key, legs were angry for sure.

Managed to get another 5 or 6 laps in before 6:30, pulled the plug at 6:20, when the rain started to come down again. Took my second career 8 hour win. First being pleasure valley 1998.

In summary 8 hour races are awesome you just go out and ride your bike, and win a snow white pez dispenser.

17 laps of mountainview was awesome

22-25 of Albion might not be as awesome.

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