Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rumble in the Bronx

Well its not the bronx but its new york so really its all the same. Trip down was excellent, made really good time. Not to brag but I beat the team here, just sayin. 

Weather has been excellent here, hot and sunny, the course is bone dry except for one mud hole, just to make everyones bikes dirty.

Did some hero cam footage with the new chest cam, turned out preetty good, needs a little more tweaking. 

Fast forward to the start, 83 guys on the line,  Nearish the back, but with that many guys, it doesnt really matter. Got the lucky start i was hoping for, i wasnt behind the crash this time. 

So got a solid start, and on my favourite world cup RACE course, which promotes racing and not losing minutes in a bottleneck it singled out  nicely and we were all just trucking. Pace was high for the first lap, I wanted to back it off but thought everyone was doing the same and sure enough it backed off a bit by the second lap. 

The rest of the race was actually pretty uneventful, got into a nice groove and just kept it there. Nice to be able to finish this one this year, sick thanks to Kevin and the Norco team as always top notch support. 

About to crush to grub. headed home in the AM, ill be sure to post his up in one of the very fine service stations along I-90, Gotta love Emerica. 

"This movie is all about bad timing, thats what im saying"

Zach on Romeo and Juliet

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