Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oops I did it again,

After some smooth travel out here, the only real hitch was eating some bad sushi, but after the best nights sleep ive had in weeks, I was ready to rock today. Ive always raced well here, My legs felt good.

Course was slick but i had my secret weapons on, Karmas.

Start was good, I setlled into a nice place and just kept things as smooth as possible. knowing there would be tons of running and it would be a but if a survival race. Had the leaders in sight the entire first lap pretty much. it was just a long train.

On Peters wheel, nearing the end of the lap, made a mistake rode off the trail a bit, got back on again, in my hast trying to make the gap back up, I forgot it was slick out. Got cross rutted and off into a tree\ditch I went.

Rolled around a bit thinking im an idiot. Got up k nothing is broken check. Collected my bike, and jogged out of the section. lower back took a nice hit, but I wasnt feeling hurt really. once I got rolling again, back just kept getting stiffer and stiffer and the running really wasnt helping. Gave myself another lap to see if I could loosen up a bit. With two to go, I pulled the preverbial plug/parachute.(I know what all the AWI members are thinking right now)

Thankful im not being carried around tonight,

Thanks to Ted for the feed and 3rox for help with things here and there.

Big congrats to my Norco Factory Teammate Catherine for winning today as well as the Overall. As well as all the youngsters who crushed it out there.

Home then a fact finding mission to London, then August is really a blank slate at the moment,

Gonna crush the canada cups next year, they wont know what hit them.

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