Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not training for leadville

Cause it sounds long and tiring and silly really....anyway instead I have arrived with the rest of the small beta testing team to the london olympics venue. Havent gotten to the actual venue yet, but we have gotten two nice road rides in.

After some smooth travel we arrived in Battlesbridge to our cozy accomodations. Headed out for a nice ride towards the ocean, which happened to end up at a BMX track and shortly after that we were riding along a dyke followed up with a tour through a wheat field.

After a solid 12 hour sleep and playing make sure my suitcase and cliff bars and gels stayed closed to prevent the mouse from getting to them. I awoke refreshed and with said mouse sitting on top of me looking at me. Awesome, He doesnt seem interested in the food in the cupboards which is good but he keeps trying to get my bars and cytomax.

Did a nice three hour road ride with the team today, felt sluggish to start but legs came around eventually, I used my Orrin Bowser riding skills to hang at the back until my legs came around.

Now just some max chillage first chance to just relax since travel started on Tuesday. Awake at least.

Course tomorrow Saturday and then race Sunday, home monday night for.....well a good while, relatively speaking.

"Hey Dan does the sun ever come out here?"

"only on the queens birthday"

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