Monday, July 18, 2011

Manmore *updated with quote of the day*

Crushing a flight back to TO, flying westjet forgot how freindly they are, probably because they care.

So got some time to fill you in on the goodness that was nationals sorry canadian championships, we arent supposed to call it Nationals anymore.

Saturday was the XC, like I said before super fun course to ride, but a tough race course. Start was a bit chaotic got swarmed a few times and ended up a little further back than I wanted to going into the first piece of singletrail.

I planned on being patient so no biggy, after a lap and a half and some clearer trail I started to turn it up. Moved up well while the legs lasted but then hit a bit of a preverbial wall, and had to put it into damage control for the last two laps.

Finished off with a nice soak in the river, Canmore is good livin not gonna lie.

Sunday was my first nationals relay always wanted to do it when they used to have it but it never worked out. Catherine, Bretton Mathews(stolen from ontario for the day) J roc and myself were repping the Norco Colours. Lespy sold out and rode with team atlantic/exprezzo.

I was super glad I wasnt starting, it just looked painful. Instead I was the "anchor" everyone was having a good time, it was a really fun event. Hats off to the CCA for pulling off a great support event.

Team finished 5th, Solid finish we rode strong and I was proud of the team effort. I put some time into Lespy who started in front of me but couldnt finish it off. Guess he doesnt want to ride for Norco next year..... Atlantic priorities for sure.

Post relay we headed out with about 90% of the elite and espoir field for a session down Reclaimer an awesome flowy singletrack in Canmore. Cant believe no one bit it. Though I dont think we did a head count so there could be some kids from Squamish still on it.

While the rest of the youngsters hit the quarry for a swim, Havy, Matt, Keith and I decided to do a man ride up highline.

Another great day finishing up with a river dunk.

Sounds like the weather is spectacular at home, so a nice week of full zip road rides and pool time...not to mention MNS/AWI sushi feast tonight.

Huge thanks to my teammates and Kevin for a great trip, also big shout-out to Mark and Bretton Mathews for their help and Bretton killing himself for the team.

Two more weekends of racing/traveling, then august is full of possibilities,

"If your not 1st your 9th"
 Tristan Spur AWI president

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