Saturday, July 30, 2011

ATTN CAN olympic MTBers

Dont crash on the big rocks, they dont have much give. Thats gonna be one of my biggest pieces of feedback to the team.

Day on the course yesterday was smooth sailing, got some good laps in, dialed in some sections. Heavy Evy had a nice high speed slideout, but pretty much bounced off the ground and kept riding, earning him the MVP of the day. Overall i felt like i had the course pretty dialed.

Onto today, got to the course a bit earlier, warmed up a bit, then started lap one of a few filming laps. Startloop good, left hand CX turn good, waterfall decent, which is basically a ditch which is built using big stone slabs. not usually a problem if you dont crash. I wanted to take one for the team and see what it was like so i ejected myself off. Yup it hurt, funny how much softer ground can feel than rock. My bicycle proceded to bounce in and out of the course before coming to a rest at the bottom of the section. Hitting big jagged rocks all the way down. Think of throwing your bike down bonesaker or the beatrice. One scratch and thats its and a torn up saddle, have I ever said I love my Bike. HTR FTW.

Course workers were all super helpful getting me down the hill and back on my bike, actually all the volunteers and workers are extrememly friendly and helpful here.m

Kept moving to help from getting stiff, but as I stopped to group back up with the team, shoulder and back were just saying no dice. Headed to first aid, Shoulder, hip and knee are a little tender. Bummend I wasnt able to do more course work with the team.

Ill take to the start tomorrow, but the outcome is a little shady at this point.

Hoping to book some bike riding lessons with Liz when I get home.

"I need my accreditation to get in to get my accreditation?"
Rob Jones

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