Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tuft who?

Yeah i just said it, the next two weeks is dedicated to my goal of winning TT nationals(or at least beat Kyle Fry). Managed to acquire a sweet bike (thanks Sue), hopefully have some wheels for the day (t-dog don't let me down, there is a 6 pack in it for you).

Quick trip to woodbridge which was uneventful except for the fact it was 23 degrees there and 14 here, strange weather.

Home to get the bike setup and out to the 7th line for the final TT on the 15/16 course, there were zero tears shed. If they ever repave the road maybe it would be nice to alternate or something but Ingram road is just a lot more inviting.

TT was solid, had my HR alarm set.....may have cheated a little bit near the end, but at least I eased into the effort. Bike is so nice, way nicer to ride than my last alloy TT setup. Needs a little tweaking here and there but I think it will do nicely.


Jeff Moote said...

Andrew Watson racing TT nats... hm! The CCA/UCI can't seem to decide if my fork is legal. I need to get on top of that to get a real answer sometime soon.

Kyle Fry said...

your top speed will still be less than my average