Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer may finally be here, today was a nice taste of what will hopefully come to be. Almost jumped in the pool, with the newly installed nat gas pool heater she should be nice and warm in no time. Tired of waiting for global warming to heat the pool. I pushed for a coal powered heater but apparently they don't exist.

After an American/British century Sunday which was the first since California I think, i was moving not super fast yesterday eased into my day, getting some work done on the bikes, a little more fiddling with the TT bike. Secured a disc wheel, so really I have no excuse to not win/destroy a certain garneau rider.

Headed into Midhurst to meet T-dog and some others for a nice spin around Midhurst,

This morning I headed out for ride #1, mission was to do a complete out and back on the TT course, used my powertap and GPS both have the course a little longer than 15km,

ride #2, ride into town for the Tuesday night good livin ride, out to Mt St Louis, finished with 4 hours for the day, super solid.

Stars are aligning for a three stage ride soon I think, and some more time on the TT bike, hopefully some intensity soon.

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Kyle Fry said...

a disk is useless below 30km/h