Wednesday, June 22, 2011

no title today *updated*

Cant believe how fast the past three days have gone, Monday was super chill followed by a super chill monday nighter in Midhurst, followed by a super chill mcdonalds mcflurry session, really what im saying is monday was chill.

Tuesday, helped my brother move the rest of his stuff out of the old house in Barrie, which makes it the longest move in history, then headed up to Sunnidale for the longest evening of the year. Great ride, hit some nice climbs took the group up the 8th line south to horseshoe, my goal was to make someone need to get off their bike, didn't happen. Solid outing. 

Got out for a workout today on the TT bike making sure its all dialed in, turns out I headed out during the one hour it was raining. But hey looks wet tomorrow might as well get used to it.

So thats it, hay is in the barn,

oh oh, and I totally gaped on the AWI review of Super 8, in a word awesome, combo of the goonies, monster squad, and stand by me. Great summer flick, under-hyped but over delivered.

start list for tomorrow

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Kyle Fry said...

good luck buddy

jvk said...

I've never seen someone reference Monster Squad before. That movie rules. And yes, so does Super 8.