Friday, June 17, 2011

Ipad post

So it will be brief as my wrists can only handle so much on this thing.

Last i left you i was heading into the middle of the week, wednesday I jumped on the TT bike for a ride around the flats in flos, seeing how much wind i could find. Getting comfy on it, had to do some tweaking, but to the best of my knowledge its fully legal now. Until the UCI changes the rules in another week. Getting pretty excited for the TT, not sure why, something a little different to focus on I guess.

Yesterday, I was definetly in need of a full day off, that plan started out well. But I could not in good conscience not ride when the weather is like this. Shortish ride in the copeland.

The easy day paid off today with some good feeling legs, I headed out for 4 hours trying to climb as much as posible without riding in circles. Ended up doing a big figure 8 up to midland and then back south into Oro. Full zip undone the entire ride, just a beauty day. Had to peel myself off the bike, but the entire weekend looks great for some more long rides, im sure ill be thankful come sunday.

Wishing Alexa Haviland a very happy 2nd birthday this weekend,(who im sure reads this blog) and also a big good luck to Mark Herbst and his Riding partner who are starting RAAM this weekend. If they win AWI just might be interested. Maybe.

If i get up early enough in the morning think i might bust over to collingwood for my ride tomorrow....which means bed time.

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