Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good day all around

Headed down to Albion for some good livin, now the past few races usually the Norco teams are all mixed up, some inside sales guys, some reps, some wives etc, some beers not super serious teams. I thought it would be the same thing this year. I wasn't sure i'd be able to make the very important awards if i raced the interclub so I opted for the 24hr.

When I arrived I jokingly asked if the team I was on was winning.  Zach Tatem looked me dead in the eye and said yes but not by much.

I got dressed headed up to the exchange area and at around 10:30 headed out for 3 laps. I had the GoPro on my stem for the lap to get some footage, legs were feeling a little angry so I just took it easy trying to get warmed up.

Nearing the end of the lap I rode up to Spak who was riding Tag with Tristan for AWI racing. Had a chat about stuff.....

Second lap I tried to crank it up to 11 but traffic was getting heavy with a lot of teams sending people out for final laps, ended up only a minute faster but with a lot more effort. Fast lap attempt fail.

Third lap, Settled back into a nice tempo to finish off the 2 hours I was out there, Nearing the end I could sense a rider coming up behind me, looked back to see Preston Wagler with a big smile on his face, little punk came by me, I tried to repass but he rode me toward a tree. Accepted my position, and came in behind him. Turns out he and Corey both set new fast laps only 2 seconds apart from each other.

Solid day result wise team I was riding with Won, and the team I own a 51% share in took a big W as well. (MTB is more like Nascar than people want to admit)

 Which set up Operation Icarus perfectly basically a month in planning coming together to see Matt propose to Shannon on stage. With some help from us and t-shirts....hold on ill get a picture. Shannon didn't run away crying so we all assumed that meant yes. It was pretty cool, I was very happy to be part of this very special occasion.

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