Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fail x 3

After a chill morning and afternoon, I got ready to head into town for the tuesday nighter. I havent ridden my road bike since last tuesday so i figured if it was fine then it should be fine now. Step one tire pressure check, pump pump bang, thought I blew a tire, then realized it was the hose on my 10 year old blackburn floorpump. No big deal, ill steal some air at the trek store.

Next step wipe and lube chain, pedal backwards, see my DA rear derailleur just hanging like, not going to say, but it wasnt looking good. It was a good 50000 km while it lasted. Time was getting tight but I was able to put on the stock 105 rear d. And get into town for the ride.

Ride was good, went south, just north of baxter was another fail with Graydon and myself both flatting on a set of rail road tracks.

Then coming into town Mark Winfield blows a spoke, still a great ride, luckily it was a beauty night.

Another awesome day out there, finally getting summer on Procee.

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