Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blog Vacay

In truth when I got sick last week, I was pretty depressed and really didn't feel like typing anything out cause as Ben Dawson would say im a negative pessimistic sob, and he was right.

But I did pull it together long enough Sunday to get a solid race in, after felling like a hollow easter bunny for the first 2 laps, I found the hardwood grove and made my way up to 11th. Four things saved the day, one the awesome support from Kevin/Norco team, two my Phaser, three Glenn deciding sustained climbs are so 1990's, and 15 years experience racing at hardwood and knowing when to chill and when to go hard.

oh and id like to point out I was correct and Cam was second.

Onward, last night hit up Midhurst for a giant actually split monday night ride, yes its that popular that we can now have two distinct groups. Solid ride I think my legs felt better than the previous day. Followed by ice cream at Macdonalds as Baskin Robbins was closed? and people wonder why businesses go out of business in Barrie? I promise that the cougars den will have solid hours.

*****Film geek content******Skip if desired*****

Also hit up a Matinee of X-men with Kbolts, awesomeness, my favorite xmen yet,  as it was really about there relationships to one another, and it used some amazing character actors, leaving behind the typical fill the cast with lead actors. Kevin Bacon put in a solid bad guy performance. All around solid film

I really feel  like Hollywood is going back to good old fashioned character development and story telling and leaving behind the gadgets and special effects. Starting with Casino Royale a few years back and carrying through even the ever popular Fast and Furious franchise. Maybe heading into the teens of this new century the industry is finally getting the fact that special effects should complement and enhance a film not be the film.

****end film review*****

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