Sunday, June 19, 2011

bike people should know

Stole that title and subject to start off what is probably the only slightly negative part of this weekend. Sure enough the closest call i had the past three days which wasn't crazy close but definitely not 3 foot law compliant. Was a Subaru with two cervelos on the roof, probably cause I wasn't riding a cervelo, with a "I drive a Subaru" jersey on and don't belong in their little club. 

Other than that what a solid three days on the road bike, can't remember getting in so many awesome miles. I think I had the full zip undone for about 90% of it, basically if I didn't need to stuff my pockets full of stuff I wouldn't have worn a jersey.

Yesterday was a big loop basically circling oro-medonte with a jaunt into the middle to get the required 5 hrs in. Crazy nice, had to stop for some fluids partway through like yesteryear maybe just maybe we are getting summer this year, still to early to call.

Today I jumped in the car and headed over to grey county for the first annual AWI grand fondo, basically just a test of the route for the future. Its a good one, I would love to see a legit road race on this route. Parked in pretty river and rode up Pretty river road to start, 6 categorized (according to map my ride(grain of salt)) climbs. Solid 6 hours just shy of a century ride, will need to modify the route for next year. 6700 feet of climbing(cause you know Ontario is flat)

Ill spare you my power data as I'm told its not cool to discuss such matters on a me a cup of coffee if your interested.

and as I type this I realize I need to apologize to Pete for the non invite, Peter we'll do this route again this August-Oct.



Peter said...

thanks and I look forward to it !!!

may ride road/grael with jstaff wed ? around albion / new market ? could meet at hwy9 carpark and 400

Jacob said...

Your should join the subaru driver's club. It's a good one.