Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What a world

It wasnt long after I posted my race report that I was yelled at to turn on CNN, to see the headlines. Honestly never thought Id see the day they caught Bin Laden. With Bush not really looking and the Pakistanis obviously hiding him its kind of hard too. Leave it to super obama and the CIA.

Riding wise I headed out to vote at the firehall on the 4th hit up the copeland for an easy hour ride. I was able to put together a nice figure 8 loop in there which only climbed mile high once, and got to descend down espresso run.

Sushi feast to celebrate stuff, and Water for Elephants, eh not great Reese Witherspoon and Waltz were awesome, but Pattinson forgot to change out of his Edward character. It had its moments, but overall fell short of what I was hoping for. They cant all be as good as your highness.

Then watched the results roll in, not going to say where I stand politically but im happy to have a majority government, the greens got a seat, Iggy and Duceppe both got the boot after calling this election.

Today was out on the phazer for some killing it up some gravel roads climbs, and it rained, which was a huge surprise.

Coulson tomorrow for some wednesday night goodness,

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