Monday, May 23, 2011


It feels like we never left Dalby, still chilly but when the sun is out it feels a little stronger. 

Travel over was good minus the not sleeping on the plane again. Slept like a baby last night though.

Rode the course today, a little different than last year, they shortened it up even more. Race laps will be super short now.  Course is a little more burly than last year a few holes have opened up it seems. 

Felt a little off balance today, nothing crazy just head was weird. I think its just a little jet leg(or lag). 


Well, this whole vacation from WIFI has even put me in a non bloggy mood these past few days. All was great leading up to the race though. 

Dalby round two kicked off today,  good warmup all that jazz, weather was all over the map. Warm and sunny one minute then cold and rainy the next. 

Got lined up mid to back of the pack. Start was usual chaos, got caught behind three pile ups in the first hundred meters luckly didnt go down in any of them. 

Not a horrible start came through pretty much where I started. Wind was crazy high on any of the open bits. Groups seperated and then it was pretty much an Aussie pursuit for the rest of the race. Super tough to try and make up time on that type of course. Hats off to Plaxton for making it up so high. All I could do was battle the group I was in, drawing inspiration from Tristan at the interclub. 

Result was sup par for sure but I probably had a better race than last year, way stronger on the climbs and more aggresive in passing and riding. I guess thats how the cookie crumbles.

Off to Hadleigh Castle tomorrow morning for some olympic course recon. Then off to the black forrest, for a little recovery for next Sunday, oh and a freaking volcano is erupting in Iceland again. So thats awesome. Not sure if it would be super awesome to be stuck in Europe indefinetly as it is cold here. Next Ice Age for sure. 

hadleigh castle pre-ride. Well after a slight detour to the wrong town we found the olympic course. What an awesome treat, one of the funnest courses to ride. Some fun rocky sections, berms. Our time was short out there but we all had a blast, and snapping some photos, check the AWI racing blog shortly for those. 

Sorry for the spotty blogging interweb is a scarcity here, sitting in a bar had to buy a beer to get online, rough day for sure. 

Heading to Germany in the AM for some good livin


Kyle Fry said...

the volcanologist in charge of monitoring Eyjafjallajokul during seismic activity (like now) is a geo prof at Lakehead. boom

AWI Racing said...

Tell him thanks for the heads up, never seen so many panicked olympians scrambling to change flights before.