Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hopefully my PC holds together today, really I just need to get a bluetooth keyboard for the pad and i'd be all set.

I had a solid post regarding the interclub but really its not nearly as good as my AWI teammates, Tristan wrote the team report which is good, http://www.awi-racing.blogspot.com/  and you can also link on over the Matt Spaks blog for a first lap report and Jacobs for a full race report.

We also signed Mark Summers to a one year development team contract for displaying lots of character out there.

Thanks to the BCC, Robb, Shane, Todd, and Elizabeth. 

Yesterday after the news came in from Italy, I was a little slower getting out the door, finally dragged myself out, easily the nicest day of road riding this year, Shorts and Jersey all the way. Kind of like what I was told California was like.

Did a nice hilly route, came by the birthplace of Sam Steele who knew? Started passing cyclists out on the road like it was going out of style, after a bummed out start to the ride, I was starting to cheer up a bit and finished with a dip in the pool.

Got out with the fellers for a ride in Midhurst, Tristan was on a mission to destroy us all. He did. I accepted it and took responsibility for it. Also had a new rider first time in a while Jay,

Hard workout today on Mile High,

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