Friday, May 27, 2011

Offenburg early impressions

Awesomeness pure awesomeness, warm sunny staying right at a winery, best grocery store ever, only bummer so far was Tony (Antoine) breaking his collarbone today on the course. 

Course has a few gnarly sections on it for sure, nothing crazy but if you get squirlly things could go bad in a hurry. 

The whole area feels more like Italy with all the wine vineyards and sunny warm weather. I could definetly get used to a place like this, maybe its the farmer in me.  

Travel over was good london city airport is so nice, though im sure we were the only people not wearing suits. 

Our last night just outside London was interesting, staying in a hotel above a bar, hey when in Rome. The espoirs room was haunted apparently too, evan was as white as a ghost the next morning. 

Good livin is the best way to describe our current status

Friday afternoon, an easy day just hanging at the course for a bit, crushing some interweb. Looks like round 6 trying to get a team relay going at nats, but i must say its seems like so e actual thought has gone into it this time. Going through the points looks like we might need to poach a junior.....invites will go out soon.

Awesome, guess ill say good luck to my Norco teamates for tommorows race in BSP, dont f it up guys.

Im starting well back on sunday, it will be a battle for sure

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