Sunday, May 1, 2011


Lucky for you ive been up since 5 30 and im about to crash soon this should be brief. Starting with the glorious spring day at Mainsfield on Saturday turning some laps and getting a little work in. Did a couple laps on the phazer and the team carbon did some calculations, and opted for the rigid Team. Got out of there at a decent hour and home in time for a grocery store run and nice hike with Starbuck who desperately needed an adventure. She hates walking around the block, shes not happy unless shes in a forest, no leash, and sniffing everything in sight.

Up way to early, on the road bike for a workout, good ride, great workout, miscalculated the wind and it turned into a bit longer than I wanted it to be. More food intake, chilled out watched some Toy Story 3, which is super intense, some dark stuff in the film.

Packed up and headed over to the venue, checked in, gave the team my usual baseball pep talk. I don't think Lespy got it, not sure if they have baseball in Nova Scotia. 

Warmed up with the milk boys, and headed to the line of a huge international field. Start was good, settled into a group of 4 others, Adam, Evan, Mitch and Cameron. As Zach would say we checked out pretty quick. Felt solid except on the climbs just didn't have much juice. I'd get dropped and fight back on, this was the way it was for a 2 and a bit laps before Cam gave me a look back and dropped me like a stone. Evan and Adam too.

So I was left to my own devices, just cranking along. Mitch got back up to me made a Yoda crack and attacked. Managed to hang on and repass and hold on for 4th. Thats about that.

Teammates did well 4 guys all within the top 12, solid outing for Norco Factory U23 team

Norco demo Wednesday night at Coulson Hill, awesome.

Interclub Sunday, hearing rumours of some heavy hitters coming out,

and some more cramming in the middle of that. 

"see ya, stay excellent"

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