Tuesday, May 17, 2011

kitchens or WiFi

A few days past not a whole lot to tell, Saturday was max chillage first full rest day I can remember so it was probably a good call.

Sunday I headed out on the FFH with slicks to get some work done. Turned out to be a beautiful day, a little over cast but way warmer than called for and not raining. Busted my legs open on cassell drive. then the big event, Krista's first(in the past 10 years) soccer game at the sports complex. It was crazy, had my camera and 300 mm lens but realized soccer is the hardest sport to photograph as it is 100% random.

Yesterday was the Kyle Fry beatdown, I took pity on him and we just stuck to the flats of Oro, which Kyle commented was very hilly, should have taken him north to the actual hills. 3 sign sprints he got two, I got the only one that counted Oro Station. Good ride,

Last night hit up the new place in Port Severn, we decided riding bikes in the rain is getting old so we drove, but carpooled to save some dinosaur juice at least. Nice place, friendly staff, though I'm not even sure they had any dark beers.

I'm not as organized as I thought and for some reason I thought the flight was at 9 tonight, but turns out to be at 6, which throws off my whole plan for the day, no one to blame but myself. As the title implies you can have either kitchens or WiFi but not both on the road, team has chosen kitchens (juniors don't use their votes) so this could be the last post for a while.

Good luck to my factory team teammates at the next two Canada cups,

Also to the AWI team in their international endeavors. And Matt this weekend at the 100miler which he better win by a large margin.

oh and the AWI fundraising ride will be on June 19th, one day, 200+km shuttle out somewhere and ride home. Going to be saweett, get those checkbooks ready, actually it will probably be online somehow. stay tuned. This is what we are fundraising for http://www.brandoncrispendowment.com/ 

"look at that sunset"

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