Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I love my Bike

Is a moto of Norco's, but today I really did fall in love with my Phaser. Sure i've raced one at Crank the shield, the squeezer,  and a handful of rides. Today was one of the first days it was just me and the bike for 3 hours of riding. I have the suspension all dialed in, and shes a dream. After 3 hours I had to force myself of my bike. Could have ridden all day with this weather and a great  bike. (and great trails)  

After some r and r it was in the car headed south to the birthplace of AWI, Coulson hill, often imitated, never duplicated. Few things are as enjoyable as ripping around those trails during spoke o motion's race series. Trails are meticulously maintained these days. I was pretty happy to not have sticks flying in my wheels on every double track section.
Demo was good some positive feedback on the Phaser's, race was a blast as always short course which I think is to avoid the lower wetter spots at this time of year.

Easy day tomorrow before hitting the bricks pretty hard on the weekend. Waiting to hear about the AWI clothing any day now......


Kyle Fry said...

3 hours?


Jacob said...

It ships Today. I guess it won't be seen by the masses until Woodnewton