Friday, May 13, 2011

"how about an easy 10"? "we left our shoes in the car" "Well do you want me to go get them for you"

Is what was going through my head as I headed out into the rains of Oro. Actually if it wasn't for the rain it would have been a scorcher today. Did a few hours in shorts and jersey in the pouring rain and never got cold, so like California but nicer, (im never going to let that go by the way)

Nice ride, nothing special just pedaling along, enjoying summer while it lasts.

Back to last nights TT, met up with Lizard and Jacob on the way over by chance on Bass lake. My plan was to ride my MTB so I could just spin out and chill, then hammer the hills on the rolling out and back course. Well that plan didn't go to plan and my 42 -12 ended up being plenty of gear that I only spun out twice. Worst part was my arms were killing me, MTB riser bars are just not built for comfort in an aero tuck. Nailed down a solid 23:55 ish, which im pretty sure is faster than some of my road bike times.

Looking forward to a Kyle Fry beatdown on Monday, going to ride him into the ground stand over him in triumph and say he reminds me of a slab of Limestone......soft.

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