Thursday, May 12, 2011


Tuesday I had everything all planned out to hit the Mile High climb for some repeats, this was my second attempt at this workout, I'm 0/2, after doing one effort sure enough gathered up a fun wrecker and my hanger was twisted and warped. I was able to ride it out, but I was pretty bummed and lost all my focus.

Jumped in the pool and did some stretching before heading into town for the tuesday nighter. Glad I went, it was probably the best one I've been to in years. Just smooth and steady.

I ended up conceding to the MTB gods, I took it as a sign to do this elusive workout on the road. Got the workout in and it was solid, again with this weather its tough to get off the bike, could have ridden all day.

Headed to Hardwood for some watching and picture taking, got ran over, watched entire families racing there bikes together encouraging one another, watched Tristan "Cole Trickle" Spak at the start. Very nice evening which got even better with the arrival of the team kits, they are glorious, 

TT tonight, gonna set a new record..... thats all im going to say, oh and im going to look damn good doing it.

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