Monday, May 30, 2011


Yup I said it im bored, literally just sitting here watching the clock, its super nice not having to worry about bike stuff and logistics. We have a wicked staff but man, it really leaves you with nothing to do some-days.

Evan came back and said he had a solid race, came from triple digits to finish in the top 50.

Watched formula one qualifying, which was nice as it put me right to sleep. The most boring motorsport in history to watch.

it will be nice to get this show on the road. once the race starts it will be non stop until we get to the airport hotel tomorrow night.

So 200 Ish guys on a 5.1 km loop, gonna be fun.

18 more hours till go time

4 hours to go,  realizing how lucky I am. Much of this sport is pure mud sweat blood and tears, but every now and again you remember why the hell you do it. Mornings like this make it easy. 22 degrees at 9 am and not a cloud in the sky. Doing a morning spin on quiet narrow roads which wind through vineyards, passing others out doing the same. A couple kids on MTBs riding up into the hills just cause thats what kids do here on a Sunday morning. Its days like this I will  miss the most.

In other news, Evan somehow has an extended version of the Town that is so much more kick ass than the normal version, AWI may need to revise its list of all time awesome films.

Blah blah blah,actually I got an awesome pep talk from Scotty he put Al Pacino's inches speech to shame. Got lined up in a solid field of 155, smaller than what i thought it would be. It was going to be a long hot one by today standards. Played it chill off the start. If i'm super aggressive or just patient I always end up in the same place after the start loop. First lap was full of bottleneck goodness, which is nice for keeping up foreign relations and picking up useful euro swear words.

After the first two laps, I got in a solid group of three other guys. Once we got rolling we started freight training individual riders. It was a good group, we didn't jit each other out, like I've said before its like daytona, you need to find the cars that work with yours. The group lasted till almost the last lap when it fell apart and I attacked off the back.

Jumped on Adams wheel for a bit as he came by but faded of him as well. Last lap was a battle with JHK,  in the end he had more kick than me and I came across in 68th. Same as south africa, but I probably had a better race in a deeper field here.

Big thanks to the Staff, Kelly, Scotty, Kyle and Dan trip was awesome.

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