Monday, May 30, 2011


Yup I said it im bored, literally just sitting here watching the clock, its super nice not having to worry about bike stuff and logistics. We have a wicked staff but man, it really leaves you with nothing to do some-days.

Evan came back and said he had a solid race, came from triple digits to finish in the top 50.

Watched formula one qualifying, which was nice as it put me right to sleep. The most boring motorsport in history to watch.

it will be nice to get this show on the road. once the race starts it will be non stop until we get to the airport hotel tomorrow night.

So 200 Ish guys on a 5.1 km loop, gonna be fun.

18 more hours till go time

4 hours to go,  realizing how lucky I am. Much of this sport is pure mud sweat blood and tears, but every now and again you remember why the hell you do it. Mornings like this make it easy. 22 degrees at 9 am and not a cloud in the sky. Doing a morning spin on quiet narrow roads which wind through vineyards, passing others out doing the same. A couple kids on MTBs riding up into the hills just cause thats what kids do here on a Sunday morning. Its days like this I will  miss the most.

In other news, Evan somehow has an extended version of the Town that is so much more kick ass than the normal version, AWI may need to revise its list of all time awesome films.

Blah blah blah,actually I got an awesome pep talk from Scotty he put Al Pacino's inches speech to shame. Got lined up in a solid field of 155, smaller than what i thought it would be. It was going to be a long hot one by today standards. Played it chill off the start. If i'm super aggressive or just patient I always end up in the same place after the start loop. First lap was full of bottleneck goodness, which is nice for keeping up foreign relations and picking up useful euro swear words.

After the first two laps, I got in a solid group of three other guys. Once we got rolling we started freight training individual riders. It was a good group, we didn't jit each other out, like I've said before its like daytona, you need to find the cars that work with yours. The group lasted till almost the last lap when it fell apart and I attacked off the back.

Jumped on Adams wheel for a bit as he came by but faded of him as well. Last lap was a battle with JHK,  in the end he had more kick than me and I came across in 68th. Same as south africa, but I probably had a better race in a deeper field here.

Big thanks to the Staff, Kelly, Scotty, Kyle and Dan trip was awesome.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Offenburg early impressions

Awesomeness pure awesomeness, warm sunny staying right at a winery, best grocery store ever, only bummer so far was Tony (Antoine) breaking his collarbone today on the course. 

Course has a few gnarly sections on it for sure, nothing crazy but if you get squirlly things could go bad in a hurry. 

The whole area feels more like Italy with all the wine vineyards and sunny warm weather. I could definetly get used to a place like this, maybe its the farmer in me.  

Travel over was good london city airport is so nice, though im sure we were the only people not wearing suits. 

Our last night just outside London was interesting, staying in a hotel above a bar, hey when in Rome. The espoirs room was haunted apparently too, evan was as white as a ghost the next morning. 

Good livin is the best way to describe our current status

Friday afternoon, an easy day just hanging at the course for a bit, crushing some interweb. Looks like round 6 trying to get a team relay going at nats, but i must say its seems like so e actual thought has gone into it this time. Going through the points looks like we might need to poach a junior.....invites will go out soon.

Awesome, guess ill say good luck to my Norco teamates for tommorows race in BSP, dont f it up guys.

Im starting well back on sunday, it will be a battle for sure

Monday, May 23, 2011


It feels like we never left Dalby, still chilly but when the sun is out it feels a little stronger. 

Travel over was good minus the not sleeping on the plane again. Slept like a baby last night though.

Rode the course today, a little different than last year, they shortened it up even more. Race laps will be super short now.  Course is a little more burly than last year a few holes have opened up it seems. 

Felt a little off balance today, nothing crazy just head was weird. I think its just a little jet leg(or lag). 


Well, this whole vacation from WIFI has even put me in a non bloggy mood these past few days. All was great leading up to the race though. 

Dalby round two kicked off today,  good warmup all that jazz, weather was all over the map. Warm and sunny one minute then cold and rainy the next. 

Got lined up mid to back of the pack. Start was usual chaos, got caught behind three pile ups in the first hundred meters luckly didnt go down in any of them. 

Not a horrible start came through pretty much where I started. Wind was crazy high on any of the open bits. Groups seperated and then it was pretty much an Aussie pursuit for the rest of the race. Super tough to try and make up time on that type of course. Hats off to Plaxton for making it up so high. All I could do was battle the group I was in, drawing inspiration from Tristan at the interclub. 

Result was sup par for sure but I probably had a better race than last year, way stronger on the climbs and more aggresive in passing and riding. I guess thats how the cookie crumbles.

Off to Hadleigh Castle tomorrow morning for some olympic course recon. Then off to the black forrest, for a little recovery for next Sunday, oh and a freaking volcano is erupting in Iceland again. So thats awesome. Not sure if it would be super awesome to be stuck in Europe indefinetly as it is cold here. Next Ice Age for sure. 

hadleigh castle pre-ride. Well after a slight detour to the wrong town we found the olympic course. What an awesome treat, one of the funnest courses to ride. Some fun rocky sections, berms. Our time was short out there but we all had a blast, and snapping some photos, check the AWI racing blog shortly for those. 

Sorry for the spotty blogging interweb is a scarcity here, sitting in a bar had to buy a beer to get online, rough day for sure. 

Heading to Germany in the AM for some good livin

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

kitchens or WiFi

A few days past not a whole lot to tell, Saturday was max chillage first full rest day I can remember so it was probably a good call.

Sunday I headed out on the FFH with slicks to get some work done. Turned out to be a beautiful day, a little over cast but way warmer than called for and not raining. Busted my legs open on cassell drive. then the big event, Krista's first(in the past 10 years) soccer game at the sports complex. It was crazy, had my camera and 300 mm lens but realized soccer is the hardest sport to photograph as it is 100% random.

Yesterday was the Kyle Fry beatdown, I took pity on him and we just stuck to the flats of Oro, which Kyle commented was very hilly, should have taken him north to the actual hills. 3 sign sprints he got two, I got the only one that counted Oro Station. Good ride,

Last night hit up the new place in Port Severn, we decided riding bikes in the rain is getting old so we drove, but carpooled to save some dinosaur juice at least. Nice place, friendly staff, though I'm not even sure they had any dark beers.

I'm not as organized as I thought and for some reason I thought the flight was at 9 tonight, but turns out to be at 6, which throws off my whole plan for the day, no one to blame but myself. As the title implies you can have either kitchens or WiFi but not both on the road, team has chosen kitchens (juniors don't use their votes) so this could be the last post for a while.

Good luck to my factory team teammates at the next two Canada cups,

Also to the AWI team in their international endeavors. And Matt this weekend at the 100miler which he better win by a large margin.

oh and the AWI fundraising ride will be on June 19th, one day, 200+km shuttle out somewhere and ride home. Going to be saweett, get those checkbooks ready, actually it will probably be online somehow. stay tuned. This is what we are fundraising for 

"look at that sunset"

Friday, May 13, 2011

"how about an easy 10"? "we left our shoes in the car" "Well do you want me to go get them for you"

Is what was going through my head as I headed out into the rains of Oro. Actually if it wasn't for the rain it would have been a scorcher today. Did a few hours in shorts and jersey in the pouring rain and never got cold, so like California but nicer, (im never going to let that go by the way)

Nice ride, nothing special just pedaling along, enjoying summer while it lasts.

Back to last nights TT, met up with Lizard and Jacob on the way over by chance on Bass lake. My plan was to ride my MTB so I could just spin out and chill, then hammer the hills on the rolling out and back course. Well that plan didn't go to plan and my 42 -12 ended up being plenty of gear that I only spun out twice. Worst part was my arms were killing me, MTB riser bars are just not built for comfort in an aero tuck. Nailed down a solid 23:55 ish, which im pretty sure is faster than some of my road bike times.

Looking forward to a Kyle Fry beatdown on Monday, going to ride him into the ground stand over him in triumph and say he reminds me of a slab of Limestone......soft.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Tuesday I had everything all planned out to hit the Mile High climb for some repeats, this was my second attempt at this workout, I'm 0/2, after doing one effort sure enough gathered up a fun wrecker and my hanger was twisted and warped. I was able to ride it out, but I was pretty bummed and lost all my focus.

Jumped in the pool and did some stretching before heading into town for the tuesday nighter. Glad I went, it was probably the best one I've been to in years. Just smooth and steady.

I ended up conceding to the MTB gods, I took it as a sign to do this elusive workout on the road. Got the workout in and it was solid, again with this weather its tough to get off the bike, could have ridden all day.

Headed to Hardwood for some watching and picture taking, got ran over, watched entire families racing there bikes together encouraging one another, watched Tristan "Cole Trickle" Spak at the start. Very nice evening which got even better with the arrival of the team kits, they are glorious, 

TT tonight, gonna set a new record..... thats all im going to say, oh and im going to look damn good doing it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hopefully my PC holds together today, really I just need to get a bluetooth keyboard for the pad and i'd be all set.

I had a solid post regarding the interclub but really its not nearly as good as my AWI teammates, Tristan wrote the team report which is good,  and you can also link on over the Matt Spaks blog for a first lap report and Jacobs for a full race report.

We also signed Mark Summers to a one year development team contract for displaying lots of character out there.

Thanks to the BCC, Robb, Shane, Todd, and Elizabeth. 

Yesterday after the news came in from Italy, I was a little slower getting out the door, finally dragged myself out, easily the nicest day of road riding this year, Shorts and Jersey all the way. Kind of like what I was told California was like.

Did a nice hilly route, came by the birthplace of Sam Steele who knew? Started passing cyclists out on the road like it was going out of style, after a bummed out start to the ride, I was starting to cheer up a bit and finished with a dip in the pool.

Got out with the fellers for a ride in Midhurst, Tristan was on a mission to destroy us all. He did. I accepted it and took responsibility for it. Also had a new rider first time in a while Jay,

Hard workout today on Mile High,

Monday, May 9, 2011

bah, had a good post about the past few days, but my PC is getting funky and lost my post, so guess what, you'll just have to check back later,

in a nutshell the interclub was awesome,

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I love my Bike

Is a moto of Norco's, but today I really did fall in love with my Phaser. Sure i've raced one at Crank the shield, the squeezer,  and a handful of rides. Today was one of the first days it was just me and the bike for 3 hours of riding. I have the suspension all dialed in, and shes a dream. After 3 hours I had to force myself of my bike. Could have ridden all day with this weather and a great  bike. (and great trails)  

After some r and r it was in the car headed south to the birthplace of AWI, Coulson hill, often imitated, never duplicated. Few things are as enjoyable as ripping around those trails during spoke o motion's race series. Trails are meticulously maintained these days. I was pretty happy to not have sticks flying in my wheels on every double track section.
Demo was good some positive feedback on the Phaser's, race was a blast as always short course which I think is to avoid the lower wetter spots at this time of year.

Easy day tomorrow before hitting the bricks pretty hard on the weekend. Waiting to hear about the AWI clothing any day now......

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What a world

It wasnt long after I posted my race report that I was yelled at to turn on CNN, to see the headlines. Honestly never thought Id see the day they caught Bin Laden. With Bush not really looking and the Pakistanis obviously hiding him its kind of hard too. Leave it to super obama and the CIA.

Riding wise I headed out to vote at the firehall on the 4th hit up the copeland for an easy hour ride. I was able to put together a nice figure 8 loop in there which only climbed mile high once, and got to descend down espresso run.

Sushi feast to celebrate stuff, and Water for Elephants, eh not great Reese Witherspoon and Waltz were awesome, but Pattinson forgot to change out of his Edward character. It had its moments, but overall fell short of what I was hoping for. They cant all be as good as your highness.

Then watched the results roll in, not going to say where I stand politically but im happy to have a majority government, the greens got a seat, Iggy and Duceppe both got the boot after calling this election.

Today was out on the phazer for some killing it up some gravel roads climbs, and it rained, which was a huge surprise.

Coulson tomorrow for some wednesday night goodness,

Quote of the day

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Lucky for you ive been up since 5 30 and im about to crash soon this should be brief. Starting with the glorious spring day at Mainsfield on Saturday turning some laps and getting a little work in. Did a couple laps on the phazer and the team carbon did some calculations, and opted for the rigid Team. Got out of there at a decent hour and home in time for a grocery store run and nice hike with Starbuck who desperately needed an adventure. She hates walking around the block, shes not happy unless shes in a forest, no leash, and sniffing everything in sight.

Up way to early, on the road bike for a workout, good ride, great workout, miscalculated the wind and it turned into a bit longer than I wanted it to be. More food intake, chilled out watched some Toy Story 3, which is super intense, some dark stuff in the film.

Packed up and headed over to the venue, checked in, gave the team my usual baseball pep talk. I don't think Lespy got it, not sure if they have baseball in Nova Scotia. 

Warmed up with the milk boys, and headed to the line of a huge international field. Start was good, settled into a group of 4 others, Adam, Evan, Mitch and Cameron. As Zach would say we checked out pretty quick. Felt solid except on the climbs just didn't have much juice. I'd get dropped and fight back on, this was the way it was for a 2 and a bit laps before Cam gave me a look back and dropped me like a stone. Evan and Adam too.

So I was left to my own devices, just cranking along. Mitch got back up to me made a Yoda crack and attacked. Managed to hang on and repass and hold on for 4th. Thats about that.

Teammates did well 4 guys all within the top 12, solid outing for Norco Factory U23 team

Norco demo Wednesday night at Coulson Hill, awesome.

Interclub Sunday, hearing rumours of some heavy hitters coming out,

and some more cramming in the middle of that. 

"see ya, stay excellent"