Thursday, April 14, 2011

Well well well

Guess its been a while, but like i said before im not apologizing. Been keeping pretty busy getting things lined up for the season. Picking up the full squish today hopefully get on it this evening for a quick boot.

Riding wise, until yesterday this bug has still been kicking my ass. Pan ams is a tough one its such an amazing experience but im two for two getting sick after and leading into the first world cup.

Been out everyday for 1-3 hours but just light, no intensity. Monday got out to midhurst for a nice ride with t dog and Jacob. Other than some trees down the trails were in great shape. They regailed me with stories from the previous days ride around big chute in a typhoon.

Tuesday night got out to the road worlds, but to my pleasent surprise it actually was a very nice chill ride.

Solid ride yesterday, mt st louis,vasey, moonstone, trying to hit all the high peaks. Within a three minute period i almost ran over some wild turkeys, had a starring contest with a fox, and rode past a couple in their 40 sitting on a porch with a suv, white picket fence, and 1.2 kids. A freindly wave hello, then got a huge whiff off some strong cannabis, mt st louis is an exciting place.

Yes the rumours are true I have joined the apple cult. Ive had an ipod for a while but those dont count. Went to my local future scam store and gots myself a ipa.....ipa... I can't even say it.

Pretty nifty and will cut down on travel weight significantly. Im not a bike weight weenie, but for travelling im trying my best to emulate george clooney.

4 more workouts then flying to land of zebras, giraffes, and other megafauna.

Want to wish AWI good luck at paris to ancaster, going for a top 20 overall and a the win in the tandem category. First time missing this race in 4 years, bummed.

Also want to wish my factory team counterpart Catherine Vipond-Hadley luck at sea slaughter. And Matt P.....and Peter...ok fine all canucks taking part.

K, i think thats enough from me for now

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Peter said...

thanks for the mention of wishes george hope you meet catherine zeta jones in your light weight travels abroad and punch those snakes in rsa in the face