Thursday, April 21, 2011

Saw a lion i didnt but hopefully soon

So much goodness the past couple days i dont know where to start. After what felt like a really short flight to London. On which I didnt sleep as much as I wanted too.  We headed into the downtown core on the train and then a quick switch to the Tube. I felt like the Stig. Got off the subway(my first time on a subway....dont judge there are no subways in Bradford) 

Scott had us on a tight itinerary, I didn't think we'd be able to see everything he said we would but sure enough, the thames, the eye, big ben, westminster abbey, buckingham palace are all walkable in about an hour. Moment of the trip was walking into the middle of a Daily show taping featuring John Oliver, I assume being the senior britsih correspondent, after getting some stalker shots gave the camera to Scott and grabbed a photo with him. Dont care if I win the world cup, that moment will still top it. 

The place was a buzz with workers setting up for the royal wedding, As some Canadians complain about paying for an election I wonder what the British people are paying for a wedding. 

Anyway back to Heathrow on the tube and express train, into the lounge for a bit, and then onto the 10 hour flight to Johannesburg. Again sleep was an issue should have popped some pills. Got off the plane and was in zombie mode into the last connection into Durban. 

The travel went well, we all made it with all our luggage. The drive to the house was short, shopped, built bikes and then rode to the course. After two days without much sleep I was in survival mode. After a one hour adventure which
included some time riding through some semi sketch areas we arrived back and then all i remember is laying down in my bed at 5 30 and waking up today. 

Long course day today, did a bunch of laps which unlike Columbia was easy to go easy if needed. Not race pace just to stay upright. Three or four rock gardens to spice things up, but most of it is fast flowing IMBA singletrack, with some wide open doubletrack climbs. The highlight of the course where there are probably the most amount of cameras will be boneshaker RSA. basically just a longer version, not as steep, but a tricky left hand corner.

Also some cool downhills like coffee run was 12 years ago. Fast and Smooooooooth. Filmed a lap behind DZ, with the GO PRO. Which turned out pretty good after using a trusty Norco bandana to stsbilize it a bit on my non bucket helmet. 

Be sure to check out for a peak inside the racing spinoff from AWI. 

Apperently there are monkeys around, but i havent seen any yet, just like the copeland cougar they may be just a myth. 

Ok, all for now, hopefully find some wifi so I can upload this

"is that camera on"


"swear word" 

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