Friday, April 29, 2011

Duke of Medonte

In the spirit of this whole shindig across the pond I have declared myself the Duke of this township, hey someone has to be first to call dibs. And since no one has been able to explain how one becomes royalty I assume its that easy.

Back to common life, schedy had 5 hours on it, and the trees werent bent over in half so even though it was 4 and raining I called myself lucky and headed out on the road bike. I impressed even myself with my 9 am departure. The rain didnt last long, by the time I got to Mt St louis it was 2 and snowing. Ever forward and rode up to Midland before turning west to the bay and riding down tiny beaches road to Wasaga beach. Down to Barrie and back home. No powertap as it was raining which was nice in a way, just feeling and hr to keep me in check. Felt great by the end of the ride. Just what the doctor ordered, felt great to get some miles in.

I think thats all I have for the moment,

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Tammy said...

As long as noone else claims it, I'm pretty sure you're good.

BTW, Jeremy challenges you to a duel over the Dukeship.