Thursday, April 28, 2011

After looking at our travel arrangements, Dan made the call to get a solid
ride in on Sunday. He said we have an African Lion Safari in Cambridge. 
His logic was sound. 
So headed out for a few hours exploring some of the roads, ended up doing 
a nice climb, Highlight of the ride was the heat, probably 30 degrees, 
havent ridden in that kind of weather in a long time.
Yesterday before checking in to our first flight
to " Jburg" We headed to the beach to check out the Indian ocean. Had 
brunch in a nice cafe before jumping in the water, never been in a body 
of water like that. Felt like a hot tub. Even got to see some Dolphins
swimming around the area. Next highlight of the day was another 
buttery smooth check in. After that it was smooth sailing, long flight
to Frankfurt on a new a380, double decker with 550 people onboard. 
On the last leg of the journey now into TO, just a 777 weak. After 
this flying to europe will seem like a breeze in a few weeks. Game 
plan for the next few weeks is get some solid training in hopefully, 
knock wood. Looking forward to racing at a venue that doesn't require 
armed guards and security.
***update after all the buttery smooth check in talk, turns out our
bags decided to stick around for a while. 
Past few days I finally experienced some solid jet lag for the first time. 
Usually it doesn't really get to me, but combined with the western 
travel and again not much sleep it has kinda kicked my behind. 
Tuesday evening was a total fail, sat down on the couch and passed 
out. Wednesday had an easter dinner but I did manage to sneak out 
for a spin on the EXC while the family was playing Yuker Yukor? 
whatever game is a mystery to me. Today, after spending some time 
on the phone with Air Canada going nowhere fast I headed into the 
copeland to hide as best I could from the wind and rain. Easiest I 
could manage in there which isn't easy. Then the weather turned crazy,
one minute it was 13 and overcast, about 3 minutes later the temp 
dropped to 5, and wind picked up to the point I jumped on the first
doubletrack and headed for the car while starring up in an attempt 
to avoid the tree limbs that were falling. Ride was crappy anyway,
couldn't get to far without having to get off to jump over fallen wet debris. 
Bags arrived just a few minutes ago, all made it, including my camera cord so
I can upload some shots. 
new banner? 
Test tomorrow, hopefully outside but might need to be on the rollers to prevent
a power outage. 
Pre ride Saturday, then hopefully race Sunday in the eastern canada cup, team 
Newfoundland is flying in and Team Quebec has probably rolled into the valley 
this evening. 
More pics to follow but this is the photo of the year, photo credit Scott Kelly  

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