Monday, March 7, 2011

....... ummm.......huuuuu..

Couldn't think of a title, I hope most of you have finished reading my previous novel, I promise this post will be back to the normal few paragraphs.

Woke up yesterday to more snow than anyone called for, Al Gore - 10 points. Got a call from the maytag repair man he said 11:30 copeland Snowshoe. My legs felt like I had done something violent to them so the thought of jumping straight onto the rollers didn't sound to appealing so without much arm twisting I said I was in. And Starbuck was also invited and needed an outing.

Also discovered I was 6th in the Loppet Saturday, basically got beat by all the 15 year olds but managed to hold off the masters skiers. 

Driving along Ingram Matt and Shannon were headed the wrong way, once they turned around and caught back up Shannon said and I quote, "We were looking at a property down the road, we'll need a new place to live if we get married in October"

I think we had about 8 dogs with us, I lost count just kept an eye on my own. Good outing in the woods on snow.

Had a physical this morning as well as got my forms for some blood work for the UCI, loves my jumping through hoops.

Home and on the rollers for some coordination, fast pedals and one legged stuff. Roads were in good shape but didn't feel like spending 30 minutes getting dressed to ride for an hour.

Also I'm looking for a team to do the pole pedal and pound on the 19th. Ill do either the ski or bike portion, I think a dream team would be Tristan on the bike, Jacob(or Liz.....actually Liz) on Snowshoes, and myself on skis. But hey that's just what I think.

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Tristan Spurr said...

No one tells me anything. What's going on? Is this real life?