Friday, March 11, 2011

This week has been a box of chocolates as far as the weather is concerned.

Tuesday was hard work on the bike, warmed up and then did a bunch of intervals up Mapleton....sorry Bidwell. Actually I wish I was still close to Mapleton, Bidwell will make me soft. shorter and not as steep. Intervals hurt but hey no pain no gain. Rode my winter bike so just by hr and feel.

Wednesday I needed to use power so it was on the rollers for some 3 minute efforts. Felt like intensity so pretty much the same as Tuesday. Then into the big city for the newest Philip K. Dick film adaptation, The Adjustment Bureau, from the short story the Adjustment Team. Bureau does sound better not going to lie. Great film, Damon and Blunt have tons of good chemistry. Acting is excellent with Dick's signature themes of reality and fate coming through strongly. If you still find yourself wondering if androids dream of electric sheep you'll enjoy this film, AWI stamp of approval.

Yesterday was a big day, not training wise just did a nice easy classic ski with Starbuck in the Copeland, and an easy spin inside, call it a recovery day after two hard days. The ski was pretty good, it rained a ton but there's still lots of snow to soak it all up. Skiing in the rain is becoming a new favorite activity.

I have now crossed over to the dark side and a smart phone showed up at my door, but then I found out its actually not a smart phone as it doesn't use data, it uses mobile browsing, whatever that means. I already miss my flip phone.

Hung out at a local bike shop chatting about the club and taking memberships for the year, I guess I seem trustworthy as people were giving me cash like it was going out of style. Some new members signed up which is always nice. I'd like to thank the nameless local shop that hosted us for the night.

I registered "team awesome" today for the pole pedal and pound next Saturday, I challenge all of you to come out and try to take down Tristan, Brandon and myself. Order to be finalized but I'm thinking ill be the anchor on the skis.

Jacob and Matt are doing the whole Triathlon solo, making them by definition triathletes. We all make choices.

Over to the 5th line for a snowshoe with the dog, and then home on the rollers to bust out some hard 1 minute efforts. Got a few in before realizing the quality just isn't there inside tried both the rollers and trainer but its just not the same as doing those outside which I usually do. I switched it up to some Matt P inspired 20 pedal stroke power starts. Which went much better.

Another day of sketchy weather, then some sun for a few days. I have a longish Tempo workout this weekend, which will probably be Sunday but if the weather is decent ill bust that out Tomorrow.

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shannon said...

Nice one with the triathlete comment! ( Matt didn't see the same humor in it that I did).