Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So thats it hay is in the barn.

Early week was spent getting some running around done before the first racing trip of the year. But did manage to get on the MTB for one more shakedown ride making sure everything was tip top. Choose to ride down Ingram for its roughness to see if I could shake anything loose. Then took a quick right hander into copeland. Doubletrack was a workout but rideable, but the singletrack was either sheer ice of too soft to ride. Jerk move of me to take a picture of the only piece of dry singletrack I could find.

While washing the bike, I hate to say it but Kev missed something else in the general crankset area. But he has a lot on his plate so ill let it go. Tuesday was fully off, just getting in travel mode. I usually like to have the majority of my packing done two days out so I can just chill/ride the day before leaving and in case I need to run into town for anything......that didn't happen, got suckered into watching legends of the fall at K.B's instead. Good flick.

Today was the day though get packed then head out in the afternoon in the peak heat. I'm talking a balmy sweltering +(yes plus) 6 degrees.

Again a few morning visitors and I was off schedule again, looking more like an evening ride, Maytag repair man stopped by and twisted my arm to get out for a ride around Big Chute. OK, it was a good call, got a more solid ride in than I would have by myself. Survived the sketchy sand corners and made it back home in good time to pack.

So thats it, all the work is done now its just time to get down to Columbia, and not think about the fact the race is at 8660 feet. Leaving the computer behind going low tech for a few days.

And in case your wondering, I do know how lucky I am to be traveling to these amazing countries,

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matt p said...

A lot on his plate ... CLASSIC