Monday, March 21, 2011

Roads? where were going we don't need roads

After mapping out both a pretty river route and Awenda, I decided why go where I have already been, after moving to Craighurst I haven't really explored some of the roads that are now closer and within a 75km radius now. So I threw a dart at the map and it landed on Port Stanton. (i actually just looked at it) Some of those roads that are north of Orillia I don't know very well. The roads were there but what they were like is a mystery. Laid out a route and printed it off and headed out northeast over mt st louis and continued on in that direction. Sure enough hit some gravel which was fine, but then that gravel turned into a clay/sharp gravel/muddy mess of a road. Abort Abort. Made it about 2/3rds of the way there. I will readjust my route and try again but, after that I turned north to upper big chute road. And sure enough passed two riders on cervelos, they were friendly and gave me a nice tyrannosaurus rex wave. That road is just a hotbed of tri group riders.

Rode through Coldwater and up Vasey where I hear if your lucky you might see a Spak training in its natural habitat. Zig zagged through medonte to hit as many hills as possible and then turned down a road that I always thought dead ended,  turns out to be an awesome quiet road that dumps out onto another road I thought dead ended. Funny what you learn by looking at a map. Though to be honest some roads on maps around here don't actually exist.

A hair over four hours, forgot that my average speed on my road bike is about 2-3kph faster than my winter bike so it was a little shorter than expected but solid wattage throughout. Which is also nice to know now.

Post workout sushi feast at Diamond, I probably but that place into the red the nights I'm there. Then over to see Paul, awesome total nerd flick though as most of the lines are actually ripped off BSG, Star trek/wars and other sci fi greats.

Chill day today, hard stuff tomorrow,

there were rumors of an actual board game night tonight but I guess those rumors were false.

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