Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh yeah

Good call Tristan,

Nice sub threshold workout today, underestimated my fitness and ended up not pushing enough power units for the first couple intervals, but I sucked it up and upped it for the last few. I should have busted out a 20 min TT to figure out where I was at but with my freshly working meter I was anxious to get to work.

I still haven`t registered for the Loppet, sounds like I`m being challenged via Twitter from Manitoba (I consider Thunder bay to be in our neighboring province)  3 degrees and rain for Saturday...actually sounds better than a road ride.

Club Plug- If your in the Barrie area and want info on the Barrie Cycling Club, there is an open house at the Trek Store next Thursday at 7pm....I think its seven. You can sign up with the club, and see what the club is up to this year.


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