Sunday, March 13, 2011

last I left you

Not much has changed, snow continues to fall daily, it feels like fall, that smell of winter in the air. The deer continue to wander around in the back yard, I'm running low on hand and feet warmers. In other words global warming is BS.

But in the spirit of lemonade I got kitted up yesterday for a long tempo workout. I headed down to ridge road, tempo heaven really, slightly rolling with some bends to keep from falling asleep. Saying its in rough shape is an understatement. I will be avoiding that road for the next few weeks until the frost is gone. Both in car and on bike. On the plus side my wheelie drops on my cross bike were honed. Legs were nicely toasted by the end.

Looking back on the week and utilizing the stair test, legs said chill out, so I just took Starbuck for an hour snowshoe today. Some fresh snow and a firm base underneath made it good livin.

The relay order has been finalized thanks to the 8 ball, Tristan "yes definitely" is starting things off on the bike. Brandon is our glue in the middle with the snowshoe/run, After those two I plan on being able to cruise through the ski with little effort.

Tomorrow, have to get down to Bradford at some point so we'll see how that works out, with below freezing temps all day, I think Ill take the mtb with me and hit up Coulson and or Midhurst on the way back and see what there like. 

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