Wednesday, March 23, 2011

hey, whats up ?

Two solid days in the books, well I don't write anything down, but two solid days in my computers hard drive and in the legs.

Headed out on the CRR yesterday good warmup and then into some 3 minute efforts, on newly discovered Cassel drive. Standing starts from the same spot, 3 minutes increasing the wattage each time until failure, sounds like a ramp test? Feels kinda like one too.

Today was a little longer 3-4 hours with 40 minutes of tempo on the plan. With the impending snowstorm I wasn't sure how much of it I'd get in outside. But I headed out anyway on the winter bike, sure enough the snow never did get this far, but the passing cars had snow and ice on them so it probably wasn't far. Three and half hours with 2 - 20 minute tempo's mixed in. One was out in Flos into the wind, averaged 22kph for it. The other one was with a tailwind coming up 93, it was good livin. Apparently I anger some using that term, which in its own is good livin.

Making a trip to Woodbridge tomorrow to pick up the new machine, gonna be sawweeeaaattt.

Oh game night happened Monday night, good times, in true Monday night fashion Liz kicked our asses.

First (MTB) race of the year is only 11 days away, can't wait its been far to long,

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