Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Excuse me, my friend didn't go to the olympics." "Oh and why not." "Because I won 50 dollars in a bowling tournament and lost my amateur status"

That title has nothing to do with anything I just wanted to use it before it got jacked.

Can't sum up today better than to say it was good livin. Especially compared to yesterday when I headed over to horseshoe for a ski on their open ski trails, which turned out to be a mix of ice and mud. I wasn't to upset but some folks who had driven from the city weren't to impressed.

Last night was rough, pretty much didn't sleep, not sure why. Just couldn't turn the old brain off. At about 2:30 I said f my bed and went and slept downstairs. Not sure why but it worked and I was able to get some shut eye.

Alarm had me up at 7 to get some eats and get dressed. Apparently Brandon and Tristan weren't as keen as I was. Rolled into Hardwood, got signed in and handed the bibs for the team. Quick meeting, I don't think Jack was to amped on our outfits. Tristan arrived with I think 10 minutes till his start. He rode a solid bike portion coming in not to long after the leaders. Brandon destroyed the snowshoe, and then tagged off to me, I had a good gap and didn't want to let the team down so I killed it the entire 5 km. I could tell my technique is worse than a couple weeks ago. But I was able to hold on for the W, with one very close call coming down Vertigo, not sure why I was tucking but that left hand corner was sketch at whatever speed I was going into it at.

But Sean Ruppel came storming in not long after, which after some conversions and time credits for actually having to transition I think he won the day.

Bite to eat, played with Musky, I hate to say it but shitzu's are pretty cute.

Home and on the road bike, like sub 18 pound carbon road bike, ahhhh so nice to be on it again, I love my winter bike but a bike thats 5+ ish pounds lighter and way more forgiving was a nice change. 2 hours, with some decent climbing, sunny, warmish. Roads were dryer than the sahara, just as sandy, but dry. Even Ingram and Bass lake which I thought would be snow covered till may.

Tomorrow is looking nice for the long ride on the schedy. Just trying to choose between Pretty River road or Awenda. 

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Tammy said...

that one's all yours :) But, please... how can I have a blog and go on a ski trip and not quote from the best ski movie ever?