Tuesday, March 1, 2011

done waiting for tristan to post

working backwards, got out for a awesome ride today first time I have headed towards some hills on purpose since being back. Climbed at non snpd sanctioned pace, more like I'm racing in a month and better get in (race) shape pace. Roads were mostly good except for Bass lake which im pretty sure will still be snowy come June.

Got my powermeter back up and running, pretty happy about that keep thinking that one of these days its just going to bite the dust. 

Yesterday was  long, Tristan and I were headed down in the pouring rain to joyride at 430 am. Arrived shortly after 6 thinking we missed the start but sure enough they weren't even there yet. Didn't really ride a whole lot, but did get my 15 seconds on camera, got caught off guard when I was asked what it was like going to the olympics. I think she thought I was Kurt Browning.

Outta there and back, powernap and back into town for a 90 minute visit to Mazda for a steering safety upgrade. Learning- read almost cover to cover an entire Scientific American, learning about quarks, American obesity, homemade satellites, and offshore fish farms.

Then over to Krista's to sit through hearing her sign up for carbon credits being added to her gas bill. I kept waiting for her to clue in that it was really a scam. She never did and I'm a bad friend for letting her sign up before telling her.

Viewing- Kings speech, very good worthy off all its awards the previous night,

Reading- Picked up "the art of racing in the rain" I have a feeling its going to be a mix of Marley and Me and Days of Thunder. Chapter one was rough.

Learning- Bogota is at 8668 feet, and the maximum temperature ever was 24.9 degrees.


Kris said...

the Art of Racing in the Rain is EXCELLENT. Enjoy!

Tristan Spurr said...

you also learnt that your mazada has one of those rear view mirror flipy switch things. Only took you 2 years to find it..