Wednesday, March 16, 2011

7 and the sun is still shining in my eyes

First I'd like to say how much I am in favour of daylight savings time, days like today when nothing goes to plan and can't ride until 4:30 it makes it so much nicer to know you don't need to worry about finishing in the dark.

Today included multiple trips into Barrie to jump through hoops, while missing out on what appeared to be an adventurous ride, which if I had been on wouldn't have gone down ingram road from 93, cause that's just kinda crazy. And Jacob and Tristan wouldn't have crashed. So really I will take responsibility for the crash.

 But once I got home and got some good eats in me after fasting for 14 hours I was ready to head out. Rode out into new flanders for some pancake flat riding. mmmm pancakes..... 2 hours sun was shining strong and snowbanks that had been white yesterday were now brown with all the dirt and sand coming through as the snow melts away. Legs felt like crap early on but I slowly came around by the end.

Yesterday was super solid, chilly in the morning but by afternoon the temperature was good livin and I was able to get a great 3.5 hour ride in, starting out on the rolling hills along bass lake and 15/16 before turning north to Mt St Louis and Moonstone, climbed both before heading back home via Hillsdale/old 2nd.

Monday, I don't even want to talk about monday, other than to say I went over to Liz and Jacobs for a board game night, which I was stoked for and even got Krista my imaginary friend to come to prove she isn't imaginary. And sure enough no games were played. weak.

But AWI RACING now has a president (Tristan Spurr) Vice-president/Owner (Andrew Watson) Treasurer/clothing manager (Elizabeth Ross). Stay tuned for the team website launch. A 400km 2 day charity ride is in the works as well as a full schedule of racing bikes.

Tomorrow should be a solid day for a good ride, Road bike??

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Peter said...

Let me know on point to point ... Maitoulin? Algonquin? Lake both ways?